Who Pays For Termite Inspection On A Va Loan


How Do Pest Inspections For VA Loans Work?

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Who Pays For The Termite Inspection?

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Can a VA loan borrower pay for termite inspection?

But in 2022, the VA relaxed its requirements regarding pest inspections, allowing all borrowers to cover the cost of the inspections. This modification was made in part because of worries that making sellers pay for the termite inspection could potentially lead to conflict during the buying process.

Is a termite inspection required in VA?

Most states in the United States require a termite inspection for mortgages as mandated by the Veterans Affairs administration. S. because termite infestations are common and can result in expensive property damage

How long are VA termite inspections good for?

Normally, a termite inspection for a VA loan is good for ninety days after the inspection date. The VA may mandate a fresh inspection to make sure the property is free of any existing or possible termite infestations if the inspection report is older than ninety days.

Does the seller pay for termite inspection in Virginia?

With most home loans, the buyer, seller, or lender is responsible for covering the cost of any termite inspection. A relatively recent modification to VA policy allows homebuyers to additionally For the pest inspection.

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