Is American Jewelry And Loan Still In Business


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Over 40 years. A Detroit institution. The place to get paid.

is american jewelry and loan still in business

We provide collateral loans on jewelry, electronics, tools, and more.

is american jewelry and loan still in business

Purchase items at a fraction of the retail price, including GIA Certified Diamond jewelry, luxury handbags, fine jewelry, timepieces, electronics,tools, equipment, and more.

is american jewelry and loan still in business

Sell your valuables to our professionals for fair market value.

Utilize an item’s market value to obtain a pawn loan. Terms of the 90-day pawn loan are as follows: 3% monthly interest and $3% monthly security deposit.


Is American Jewelry and Loan out of business?

Since its opening in 1978, American Jewelry and Loan has grown to become one of the biggest and most well-known pawn shops worldwide. Though Hardcore Pawn, a record-breaking reality show, is filmed in its Detroit location, it is still a committed, full-service pawnshop serving the Metro Detroit area and beyond.

Who owns American Jewelry and Loan now?

Les Gold, a third-generation pawnbroker and businessman, owns American Jewelry and Loan. His grandfather was a pawnbroker who previously owned Sam’s Loans, a pawnshop on Michigan Avenue in Detroit that is now closed.

Does rich still work at American Jewelry and Loan?

Rich, who was well-known for his frizzy hair and tense arguments with Ashley, is no longer employed by American Jewellery and Loan, which is still open for business. Ashley left the famous pawn shop on Detroit’s eight-mile to start her own business, but Seth and Les still run it.

Is Les Gold still in the pawn business?

Les and Seth Gold are still employed at American Jewelry and Loan, where they take pleasure in interacting with show viewers at their Detroit location. Visit today. Pawn, sell, or buy some unique merchandise.

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