How To Loan A Kindle Book


Editor’s Note: Beginning in August 2022, Amazon will no longer permit Kindle users to lend each other ebooks.

Sharing and debating books with friends and family is one of my favorite aspects of reading. I was excited to receive my first Kindle ereader because it would allow me to read ebooks for free, borrow ebooks from the library, and read while on the go. However, I was sad that I wouldn’t be able to share the books I purchased with others. Fortunately, I learned how to share the love of reading and lend out Kindle books!

It’s true that, provided you have the email address linked to their Amazon account, you can share specific Kindle books with anyone you choose. I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of lending Kindle books below, prior to providing a detailed guide. An enhanced method of sharing your Kindle books with your family members or a spouse or other reliable friend is available called Family Library. I will also discuss that, but first, let’s go back to the beginning.

How to share or loan a Kindle book

A Kindle book can be shared in two easy ways: by lending it to someone else or by sharing it via your family library. We go over both choices so you can select the one that best fits your needs.

Other ways to get the most out of your Kindle:

Loaning a Kindle book

After you’ve bought certain books, you can lend them to other users. Unfortunately, many dont support loaning. The terms of loan for books are determined by the publishers; therefore, the duration of the loan varies but is typically 14 days. The book will be returned to you if it isn’t accepted for loan within seven days.

Step 1: Go to your Amazon account

To access your account settings, click Account after logging into your Amazon account using a web browser or the mobile app.

Step 2: Click on Content & Devices

Enter the Content

Step 3: Select Books

Select Books out of your available content. This will display a list of the books you have borrowed and bought.

Step 4: Find the book you want to share and click on More actions

The options for each book are listed to the right of the page in the list of books you have purchased. There is a dropdown menu with the options when you click on More actions.

Step 5: If your book can be loaned, click on Loan this title

To lend this title to someone else, select Loan this title from the More actions menu. After that, you’ll be asked to provide the recipient’s details on a form:

After that, a form requesting the recipient’s name, email address, origin, and a personal message will be displayed to you.

If your book doesn’t have the option to loan it, you can try sharing it through your family library as not all books allow loans.

Sharing with Family Library

Another way to distribute a book is by using the Family Library. The actions menu that you access by completing steps 1-4 above is where you can do this.

Step 6: Under More actions, click Manage Family Library

In the event that the More actions dropdown menu does not have a Loan this title option, select Manage Family Library.

Instead of selecting Loan this title, choose Manage Family Library

Step 7: Select someone to share the book

Your family library includes the members of your Amazon household.

Choose someone to lend the book to at your family library.

Once you’ve chosen a recipient, click the yellow “Make Changes” button to send the book to that person. Your family library is open to you to add or remove books at any time.

How many devices can share a Kindle book?

A Kindle book can only be shared one time. This implies that you will not be allowed to share the book with anyone else after it is returned to your library in 14 days.

On the other hand, if you use the Kindle app to log into multiple devices using your Amazon account, you can read a single book simultaneously on multiple devices. Thus, for example, you could put down a book on your Kindle and pick it up again from the Kindle app on your iPad.

Can I share a book from my Kindle directly?

Although the Kindle settings do not allow for lending, your Kindle device allows you to view and manage your family library. Heres how:

  • Press the menu button (the three buttons in the upper right corner) from the Kindle homepage.
  • Select Settings
  • Tap on Household & Family Library
  • Choose which account to manage

What is Amazon’s Household and Family Sharing?

Users can share some of their Prime benefits with up to four teens, four children, and one additional adult through Amazon Household. This eliminates the need for other people to pay for separate subscriptions in order to use Prime benefits with their own account.

By visiting your Amazon account and selecting Manage your household, you can add or remove individuals and share ebooks with other members of your household.


Why can’t i lend my Kindle books?

It is not possible to lend the book if it states “Lending: Not Enabled.” It’s important to be aware of the limitations regarding books that qualify for lending. A book that you have loaned someone gets immediately removed from your library and becomes unreadable.

Can I transfer a Kindle book to someone else?

After choosing the books you wish to share using the checkboxes, click Add to Library at the top of the page. Select which family members you wish to share the books with, and they will have access to them on Kindles.

Can someone borrow a book on Kindle?

If a family member has activated the Family Library sharing feature on their Amazon Kindle, then you are able to check out an e-book from their account. Members of the same Amazon household can share eligible content, including e-books, with each other through Amazon’s Family Library.

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