How To Become A Loan Officer In Texas


Step 1: Request your NMLS account

Start your journey to become an mlo by visiting the NMLS to request an account. NMLS stands for the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Register or the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System. If you already have an NMLS account, and are looking to add Texas to your mortgage license, skip to step #3.

Step 2: Get your NMLS ID

You will be issued a unique NMLS ID number upon completing the NMLS registration process, which you can use for the duration of your employment as a licensed loan officer. Your license in Texas, as well as any other states you may think about obtaining one in, such as Colorado, Arizona, or Oklahoma, is issued using the same NMLS ID.

Step 3: Review the Texas mortgage licensing requirements

Visit the NMLS Resource Center’s Texas MLO license requirements to review the state-specific licensing requirements for Texas. The extra steps needed to get your MLO license in Texas are listed here. For each additional state you wish to obtain a license in, you should finish this step.

Step 4:  Complete national and Texas pre-licensing coursework

Complete the required 20 hours of pre-licensing coursework. Pre-licensing courses for loan officers address a variety of subjects, including the foundations of the mortgage industry, financial regulations, ethics, and professional conduct. Three more hours of pre-licensing courses covering state-specific laws and regulations are also mandated by the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending.

Morty recommends Oncourse Learning as a pre-licensing coursework provider. Please get in touch with us through our Platform Loan Officer program if you would like any more suggestions.

Step 5: Prepare for the national mortgage SAFE Test

After you’ve completed your 20 hours pre license course and the additional 3 hours of Texas specific education, it’s time to study for your Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) exam. The SAFE exam was instituted by Congress as part of the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE Act) of 2008.

To start studying, get your SAFE test preparation materials and practice exams.

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The SAFE exam is 190 minutes long, and costs $110. Schedule your SAFE test when you feel ready. To get your mlo license, you’ll need to pass the NMLS’s SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Test with a score of 75% or higher. If you do not pass the SAFE exam, you can wait 30 days and take it again.

Step 7: Complete a background check and get fingerprinted

You are required to finish a criminal background check as a potential mlo. The background check can be initiated through your NMLS portal. In order to have your fingerprints taken, you must also schedule an appointment, which can be done via the NMLS portal. The present fee for the fingerprinting and background check is $36. 25.

Step 8: Complete and Submit your MU4 to NMLS

Once you’ve passed your test and done your background checks, you’re ready to file your Individual (MU4) Form. Head to your NMLS portal to file your Individual (MU4) Form and pay your NMLS fees. The cost to file your mortgage loan officer license in Texas is: $30 NMLS application fee, $195 state application fee and a $15 credit report fee.

Once you have located and secured employment with a mortgage originator—that is, a mortgage broker such as Morty or a mortgage lender such as a bank or credit union—you can start the sponsorship process by sending the NMLS the company’s credentials for validation. Once NMLS grants final approval, you will have your Texas mortgage loan originator license in hand! Congratulations!

Find a mortgage company to sponsor your NMLS license after completing the requirements to become a mortgage loan officer. Morty is a licensed mortgage broker who is equipped with technology and would be delighted to sponsor you! Through our lender marketplace, competitive pricing, affordability tools, underwriting technology, and the integrated support of our processing and fulfillment teams, Morty provides loan officers and their clients with a better, more seamless mortgage experience. By completing the form below or going to our Platform LO information page, you can find out more about working with all of our mortgage lenders, our proprietary technology, our local Texas resources, and our entire support fulfillment team.

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Get your MLO license in multiple states.

If you would like to become a licensed loan officer in more than one state, you will have to complete the additional coursework requirements in each state and submit your Individual (MU4) Form through NMLS in order to do so.

Learn about joining the Morty platform as a loan officer.

Licensed MLOs can quickly and easily get sponsored by Morty and work off our platform. We’re so sure that new MLOs will enjoy working with Morty that, once you’ve been sponsored and fully onboarded to Morty, we’ll even reimburse you for the costs of pre-licensing, exams, and applications.


How much does a mortgage loan officer make in Texas?

In Texas, a mortgage loan officer typically makes $81,000 a year. In Texas, the salary of a mortgage loan officer can range from $26,500 to $306,500, depending on a number of variables such as employer, employer-related skills, experience, bonuses, tips, and more.

Can you become a loan officer with bad credit in Texas?

Mortgage loan officers must comply with both state and federal licensing requirements; however, a minimum credit score is not necessary in order to obtain a license. Your professional future doesn’t have to be determined by a low credit score or other issues.

How much does NMLS get paid in Texas?

Annual Salary
Hourly Wage
Top Earners
75th Percentile
25th Percentile

Is the NMLS test hard?

The Multistate Nationwide Licensing System Even for those who study, the NMLS exam can be considered difficult, and this is intentional.

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