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What you need to know for this calculator

You’ll need some loan-related information in order to use the calculator above.

Loan amounts differ based on whether you are considering a private or federal student loan. The amount of the loan that you are eligible for may also be restricted according to your academic year (freshman, sophomore, etc.). ), degree, dependency status, and educational level (undergraduate, graduate, or professional).

Federal student loan amounts

  • Direct Subsidized Loans: Up to $5,500 annually.
  • Direct Unsubsidized Loans: Up to $12,500 annually.
  • Direct Unsubsidized Loans: Up to $20,500 annually.
  • Direct PLUS Loans: Up to the stated cost of attendance at the school less any additional financial aid obtained

Parents of dependent undergraduate students:

  • Parent PLUS loans: up to the stated cost of attendance at the school less any additional financial aid obtained

Private student loan amounts

Loan amounts for private student loans vary by lender. Each lender also establishes its own requirements for borrowing, interest rates, and terms of repayment. Private student loan providers typically provide loan amounts that bridge the difference between the cost of attendance at a school and any additional financial aid a student may be eligible for. Additionally, some lenders have lifetime borrowing caps that, depending on your degree, could be as high as $150,000. Borrow only as much as necessary each academic year—federal or private—after you’ve exhausted all grant and scholarship opportunities. Prior to pursuing a private student loan, think about maximizing the federal student loan limits if you need to borrow money to cover educational gaps. Federal student loans have additional advantages like income-driven repayment plans and forgiveness programs.

The period of time you have to pay back the loan in full is known as your loan term. The default loan term for federal student loans with a standard repayment plan is ten years. On the other hand, terms ranging from 10 to 25 years are available for student loans under alternative payment plans. The terms of private student loan repayment differ depending on the lender, just like the loan amounts. Private student loan terms can range from five years to twenty years. Although a shorter loan term will result in a higher monthly payment, it can help you save more money on interest during the repayment period. Certain lenders provide reduced interest rates as a means of encouraging short-term loans. Conversely, extending the term of your student loans will result in a smaller monthly payment but an increase in interest over time. Make sure you are aware of all the term options your lender offers before taking out student loans so you can make the best financial decision.

The type of lender you are pursuing and your financial situation will determine the interest rate you are offered. All borrowers of federal student loans receive the same fixed interest rate, regardless of their income or credit score. Conversely, private student loans frequently run a credit check and determine interest rates based on your creditworthiness. The higher your credit score, the lower your interest rates. Remember that you might not be able to get the lowest interest rates listed on lender websites. Use the lender’s pre-qualification tools, if they are available, to learn what interest rates you will be charged. Pre-qualification gives you the opportunity to enter basic information about yourself and the loan you want in exchange for an overview of the available rates and terms.

Additional factors to consider when calculating student loan interest

Remember that the following other important factors are involved when calculating the interest on your student loan:

  • Fixed vs. variable rates. Certain private lenders offer fixed or variable interest rates on student loans, in contrast to federal student loans, which only offer fixed rates. Throughout the duration of your loan, a fixed rate will remain constant, but variable rates may rise or fall in response to changes in the market.
  • Term length. The length of your student loan term has a significant impact on the total interest you will pay. The student loan calculator above not only computes your total interest paid, but it also displays the percentage of your monthly payment that is applied to interest; to view this information, select “show amortization schedule.” ”.
  • Credit score. Private student loans require a credit check. The likelihood that you will be offered competitive, low interest rates increases with your credit score. When applying for student loans with poor credit, borrowers may be accepted at a higher interest rate, which would result in higher total interest costs.

When taking out a student loan for the next academic year, applicants should always compare a few different loan options. Compare interest rates, terms of repayment, and benefits for borrowers from different lenders before choosing one.

Here are five methods for paying off student loans quickly so you can get out from under that debt.

There are ways to help you pay off the debt if you are struggling to make your student loan payments. Learn how to avoid defaulting on loan debt.

Examine all of your options prior to obtaining a private student loan. What you should know about private student loans is as follows:

Find the loan that best suits your needs by comparing the terms and rates offered by different lenders.


How much is the monthly payment on a $70,000 student loan?

What is the monthly payment on a $70,000 student loan? Depending on the APR and loan term, the monthly payment on a $70,000 student loan can vary from $742 to $6,285. For instance, if you borrow $70,000 as a student loan and repay it over the course of ten years at a five percent annual percentage rate (APR), your monthly payment will be $742.

How do I find out what my student loan payment will be?

To view the amount of your payment, go to your account on the website of your service provider. Make sure you know which loan servicer is yours. With Loan Simulator, you can also compare repayment schedules and receive an estimate of your payment amount.

How much will my student loan payment be income based?

The payment amount is modified in accordance with family size and income. The payment is limited to 15 percent of the amount that, given your residence and family size, exceeds 150 percent of the federal poverty line (AGI). The monthly interest accrual may exceed the monthly payment amount.

How much is the student loan payment on $20000?

$20,000 loan over 20 years at 6. 0% As of March 202023, the average federal student loan debt in the United States was approximately $37,720, based on an analysis of Education Department data by Best Colleges. For that sum, the monthly payment on a loan for a year starting in 2020 at 6% interest would be $270.

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