The Home has been and continues to be the number one wealth-building vehicle for most consumers in America. The ability to have familial stability, start businesses and send our children to college comes from the equity built through homeownership. That is a fact. For immigrant consumer’s especially Hispanic consumers this is, in most cases the only source of net worth. It is the only way to achieve, build and create a better life for themselves and their children… it is the American Dream and it happens through the home. It is without a doubt our duty, our passion, our calling for every team member in the Alterra Family to embrace this mission and help as many consumers as we can in American… “To build wealth through Homeownership.”

Everyday more people discover the benefits of working with Alterra. Realtors are compensated on time, loan officers receive the benefits of a strong supportive operations team, and clients experience an elevated level of service. This translates into one thing: We’re growing!

At the core of this growth are three principles we hold dear.

  1. LITTLE THINGS MATTER: Over the years we’ve learned that it’s the small changes that produce big results.
  2. FIND A BETTER WAY: We never rest on our laurels. “That’s just how we do things here” will never be our method of operation.  We are committed to finding better ways to serve our customers, and support our loan officers and realtor partners.
  3. OWN IT: We vow to keep ourselves accountable. When we make mistakes we don’t pass the blame. We make it right.

These are the mantras that drive us. They’re ideas that empower our employees to make a difference in the lives of every customer or partner they meet. They are about accountability, innovation, and taking pride in everything we do, down to the tiniest of details. This is what we expect from every single person that joins us. This is how we serve our community. This is who we are.